Question on 1600 Master's Crossover Test

I am going to be testing for my 1600 Master’s test in a few months and upgrading to my 2nd Mate Unlimited after I take Flashing light…

What is the best way to approach this test, lapware? Murphy books?

Thanks for you help

I took the 1600 Master crossover test, but was also studying for my 3rd at the same time, so after all that, the crossover modules were super easy.

Here was my methodology:
I started with Capt. Joe’s software (, which I understand is really similiar to, then I switched to because I liked their test exams better, and the whole time I was also using the Murphy books and a bunch of reference books.

The details:
I would read a section of questions from the Murphy books, highlight the answers and if there was any question that I didn’t understand, I would look it up in a reference book, i.e. Bowditch, Knights, Duttons, etc. Then after I got through the section, I would go into Lapware and test myself a couple of times until I was getting 80%-ish on that section. Then I would move onto the next.
Et voila, three weeks later I figured I was as ready as I was going to be, and went in and tested.

Good luck to you!