Question about upgrading to Master 1600/3000

Hey guy, so quick question regarding upgrading licensing from 2/M AGT to 1600 GRT Oceans. I have already received approval by the CG to take my crossover exam from 2/M to 1600 GRT. I work for Edison Chouest and my coordinator said I needed to get my 1600/3000 Master’s license for the next pay raise. From what I understood 1600 GRT and 1600/3000 are the same thing so I just wanted to find out before I go test for this license when I get finished this hitch. So just to rec-clarify, I’m asking if Master 1600 GRT is the same as Master 1600/3000? Thanks for the help!

The 3000t ITC should be included with your 1600t Master, especially if your getting for Oceans or Near Coastal. Call the NMC to make certain that is the case. Good luck.

I got it, but had to ask for it. They won’t print anything that’s not requested on the application.

You absolutely need to request it, if it ends up on your nmc without requesting then its pure coincidence or a smart evaluator, but don’t count on it. If the app is already submitted email them with the application # etc and request it.

Hey thanks for the info gents ill be testing for the license after I finish this hitch!

I believe it is supposed to be automatically included with the license unless you have a domestic only license, BUT always ask for every little thing, automatic or not, just to make sure it isn’t forgotten.

Email them and make sure they are including it and if not, request it.