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MPA Singapore implement “Single Window Port Clearance”:

And " Just-In-Time (JIT) Planning and Coordination":

Source: https://www.mpa.gov.sg/finance-e-services/digitalport@sg

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Singapore’s Just In Time Planning and Coordination Platform (gard.no)

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Home, sweet home!!!


Yeah. Chinks are spying , they took over academia, produce poisoned food in chinatowns to kill locals and installed cranes to spy on movements etc, etc -very dangerous activity . Last but not least , they may start walking on four legs and start eating locals like in “War of the Worlds” movie. So it is a wise decision. And chinks flooding through the southern border mixed well with 7 milion of other pilgrims to promised land is absolutely NO PROBLEM . They are asking for another 911 but this time turbo version and China has grown big in all repects thanks to one of the 7 vices quite common in these quarters: GREED

But there is a catch in all this . They may vote for Clit- ton gang :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Weathernews launches “berth waiting forecast” predicting port congestion

Source: https://thedigitalship.com/news/maritime-software/item/8812-weathernews-launches-berth-waiting-forecast-predicting-port-congestion

Maybe a small % of the above funds could be siphoned off and diverted to the Great Lakes?

More China paranoia??:

Knowledge is power. Being aware of the risks is hardly paranoia . Another way of looking at it is someone with the ability to process a large amount of computer data and given the data the system has, could make a tidy sum on the stock market.

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Port of Tanjung Pelepas inks agreement for six quay cranes to service ULCV

The Port of Tanjung Pelepas Sdn Bhd (PTP), Malaysia, a joint venture between the MMC Group and APM Terminals, has inked an agreement with Sany Marine Heavy Industry Co Ltd to procure six units of ultra large container vessel (ULCV) quay cranes.

Source: https://www.apmterminals.com/en/news/news-releases/2024/240305-port-of-tanjung-pelepas-inks-agreement-for-six-quay-cranes-to-service-ulcv

It is an election year in the US and “China bashing” win votes, apparently:

If these are remote operated cranes it is probably part of the ABB supplied Crane Control System.
Modems are probably a necessary part of the system, used to transfer signals from the cranes to the control room v.v. :

That such equipment exist is apparently not a secret:

Source: Shanghai Zhenhua Denies Posing Cybersecurity Risk To US Ports

What next? Migratory Cranes may spy the US while on their way to/from Mexico.
Who know, they may even land and deposit something on US soil on their illegal travels.
Top Ten Facts About Crane Migration - International Crane Foundation.
This deserve at least a Congressional Committee hearing,

Recession, which recession??: