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Chinese crane manufacturer ZPMC has been busy in US ports these first weeks of 2019 and expects to be so throughout the year:

Meanwhile Long Beach port is seeking more business and investment from Asia:

Rotterdam Port is going ahead with CO2 capture and storage in depleted offshore gas wells:

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Oslo wants to be first zero emission port in the world:

New Tug for Auckland Port.
The list of possible names for Ports of Auckland’s new electric tugboat has been whittled down to four. Creative Kiwis were asked to help name what will be the world’s first full-size ship-handling electric tugboat, which Ports of Auckland expects to receive next year and is predicted to save the company $12 million in operating costs.
The four options are: rahi — meaning to lead, escort, conduct, drive; E.T. — short for “Electric Tug”; Hiko — meaning electrical, power, electronic, electric, lightning; and Sparky — diminutive of “spark”, slang for an electrician, related to electricity, but also sparking change.
Among the 3000 suggestions not to make the cut were Electric Disco Biscuit, The Fighting Queen of Covid, Doug, Tuggy McTugface, and Ashley Bloomfield after the good doctor.
Ports of Auckland chief executive Tony Gibson said the decision was part of the goal the company set in 2016 to be emissions-free by 2040.
General manager of marine, engineering and general wharf operations Allan D’Souza said when they first looked into buying an electric tug in 2016, there was nothing on the market. “We talked to several manufacturers about building a batterypowered tug. They told us we were dreaming. Hybrid tugs were possible, they said, but not battery. No way,” D’Souza said. Eventually they were able to find a Dutch company, Damen Shipyards, to build the boat.
Ports of Auckland then put out the call for New Zealanders to help name the new boat, and had more than 3000 name suggestions flood in.
“We are stoked with the response,” said port communications manager
Matt Ball. “We were hoping to get a thousand entries, so over three times that number is brilliant.
“It looks like people had a lot of fun making up names, and we’ve had a lot of laughs sorting through them. We’ve arrived at the final four names going to public vote.
“We think these names are both serious and adventurous, like the new e-tug, which unlike our older tugs, will have a big lightning bolt painted on it to mark it out as special.”
The winning name will be revealed soon after voting closes.
The boat will have a 70-tonne bollard pull, the same as the port’s strongest diesel tug, Hauraki. To vote, visit poal.co.nz/name-the-tug.
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As long as the cranes keep getting knocked down, plenty of business for said builders and transporters. I vote for “Sparky”.

India is planning a new transhipment port at Great Nicobar:

I noticed this part:

FYI; Some tribes in the Adamans are still living in the stoneage:

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Webinars appears to have replaced shipping seminars and conferences in these Corona days.
World Ports Conference is inviting to one this coming Sept.:

Just leave those people alone. They have done fine without intrusion, and send the message as such.Not how most of us want to live, but they are ok with it.

A new Container Terminal, capable of handling 22000 TEU size ships and acting as transshipment port for the Mississippi River trade is planned. MOA with partners signed:

I think this project has been mentioned here earlier, but in a now closed thread.

That is what I call a full deck load:


South Carolina Ports

Zhen Hua 24 is loaded w/ #SCPorts equipment & headed home! 3 ship-to-shore cranes w/ 169 ft of lift height & 4 hybrid RTGs are en route to the Leatherman Terminal! These STS cranes will join 2 other STS cranes in the fleet for Phase One of #HLT, opening March 2021#TomorrowIsHere

Weak peak season for US Ports this year:

The Aussie Wharfies are at it again:

Meanwhile Maersk is betting on Vancouver as North American hub port:

Unfortunately a lot of shipping calls at Australian ports before New Zealand when coming from Asia or North America.

Those expectations didn’t pan out for San Pedro and Long Beach, both reaching records in August after a sluggish start.

The plans for Hainan Free Trade Port has been revealed:

Looks like the wharfies in Oz will be heading back to work:

Until they find some other reason to go on strike, that is.

British ports are jammed due to import boom in preparation for Brexit:

But is is not on UK ports that has problems:

And they cannot blame it on Brexit.

Port of Rotterdam is preparing for the future:

Port of Bergen, Norway to go innovative and green. Building a new cargo terminal at Ågotnes, an offshore base a bit north of Bergen town:

Maersk is looking ahead: