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Times are A changing:

PS> This is Container Terminals. Things may be different for overall port activity.

California’s colossal container-ship traffic jam:

Confirmed here:

The smart people at the smart Port of Rotterdam is testing out smart bollard to make the port even smarter:

Canada getting ready to take more of the North American container market?
Port of Nanaimo, DP World sign Duke Point deal - Dredging Today.

Port of Salalah, Oman has set a new record for container handling last August:

I visited Salalah in 1966 to discharge a wheeled drilling rig and some other equipment from Aden. At the time there were no port and the name didn’t even show on BA charts. We had been given a position to anchor at only.

There was a walled town with the Sultans Palace and a Mosque (they closed the gates at 6 o’clock) and a camp where the people from an oil company and their armed guards lived while looking for oil in the area.
They had a small barge and a tug, but the tug had broken down so we used one of our lifeboats to tow the barge out and back to the beach with the rig on, There we pushed it aground. They used a bulldozer to shovel sand to make a ramp and drove the rig off the barge.

PS> The ship was chartered by State Line on their USEC and GoM to Middle East service. We also carried Cadillacs to Dubai, where we discharged to dhows, since there were no port facilities yet.

It was about that time when some cadets from a British India ship nicked a canon from the fort at Muscat. It caused a diplomatic fuss and the canon was returned on another company ship after being transferred at sea.

I have heard of the BI incident from my Father-in-Law who was in BI at the time.

BTW; A couple of years earlier (1964) some RN sailors cut the head off the Mermaid in Copenhagen.
I was in the Norwegian Navy in spring 1966. We were on an annual NATO exercise with RN and German Navy MTBs. We had a weekend in Copenhagen as happened every year. Some pranks were done as usual and we got to hear about the “best” one, carried out by the Brits a couple of years earlier.

PS> The head of the mermaid is rumored to be on the seabed somewhere between Copenhagen and Bornholm…

MSC ships give Charleston a miss to avoid ILA docker dispute.
THE Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) the world’s second biggest container carrier, have announced it will drop the Port of Charleston on its China-transpacific US east coast service. The port is embroiled with a dispute with the dockers’ union, the International Longshoreman’s Association, over who gets the work at the news Leatherman container terminal.Said MSC: "Due to some operational constraints, the schedules have been delayed. The Liberty service will start on 28 May.
Bookings already placed on previously advertised first sailing E.R. KOBE voyage 120E will be arranged on alternative services. MSC further announced that the May 30 sailing of the AXEL MAERSK on the America service from Hong Kong and the June 1 sailing of the Seamax Fairfield on the Emerald service from Xiamen will also drop Charleston as a port of call. source : Schednet

So what is new??:

PS> Nothing said about contributions to any (or both) parties.

While some Doubting Thomas characters still exist, Rotterdam Port is getting ready for a decarbonized future:

Of course there have to be some believers at the other end of the corridor too.

LA Port reach >10 Mill. TEU/Yr.:
Despite the Longshoremen’s resistance against modernization.

Antwerp Port sees increases shortsea traffic: