NZ announces world's first full-size, fully electric assist tug


small country with hydro power, way to go

BIG country with wast solar power potential. WAY TO GO!!

the proposed project for Singapore will cover 15,000 hectares and supply 20% of Singapore’s power.
That means if you covered all of Singapores land mass in solar panels it would be self sufficient
and what do you do at night?
Solar doesnt sound like it works very well, lots of energy to make, lots of carbon to make the silicone and lots of nasty waste chemicals

I wonder about the battery life before the efficiency drops off.

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imagine the battery to back up 15,000 hectares of solar
Singapore used 54,000 Gw hours
Very hard to find data on solar panel production and how much carbon per panel is used even if your plant ran on hydro.
Coking coal is booming, coal power plants shutting down nobody want to know where its going.
( new Chinese funded coal plant is just about to open near to Singapore on the island of Bintan Indonesia)

That is why you need a mix of renewable power sources. (Solar, Wind, Hydro and Nuclear,(if necessary)).

As for Singapore the solution is to rent large tracts of “wasteland” in Australia, cover it by Solar panels, or mirrors to concentrate solar heat to produce steam that is used to produce electricity (And windmills on part of the land).

The power produced can be sent by cable to Singapore, (as suggester in another thread) or be used to produce Hydrogen that is shipped to Singapore by hydrogen powered tankers.

Far fetched? No. Is it feasible and could it be reality in a matter of this decade?
What is your opinion?

Per 24 hrs., or per year?

No batteries, See above.

PS> My guess is that Singapore will be able to obtain carbon neutral status and food security by 2050.
This will have to be by innovative solutions and cooperation with countries that have the land area and resources required. (For MUTUAL benefits, of course)

I was referring to the battery powered tug.

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its NZ so sails will work well

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Aboriginees are going to have something to say about wasteland.
If you have the electricity I cant see making hydrogen from it has any value perhaps only for shipping?

I think the solar mirrors to heat liquid is the only renewable with backup so skip PV panels and all the pollution they create to manufacture, saying that I dont know the inputs of making a curved mirror. Spain is big in this so hence with a similar environment Australia must be looking at this as well?
Nuclear is todays only carbon neutral source that has a known long life so wont be thrown away in 10 or so years like many other solutions. and a life time of byproducts can easily be stored on site. Technology could fix that one day?
If you look at the USA model that is fast adding wind and some solar it is also adding gas gen plants at a large rate to cover dark still periods.
Pollution from power generation is going down but I doubt the other issues the manufacturing and disposal of the new technologies are helping GHG’s or total carbon emissions.
It might just be a transfer of pollution location?
Thats going to be the same for batteries
Investing in the future has lots to do with the capitalist model that there will be growth.
Lets see if the new airport and port keep going at the rate pre lockdown?

Singapore working hard to get more self sufficiency in food and water but is that possible in a city state to be self sufficient?
Only nuclear would allow that from the power point of view.
Desalination is a massive power drain so unless you have nuclear you shouldnt touch it

The Wuhan is showing that less economic activity is saving the planet more than anything we have ever done hence it means the world needs less people to survive with the current scare you models.

Apparently there have been an all electric tug in operation in Istanbul since earlier this year:

Meh…Istanbul tug 32T bollard pull, NZ tug 70T bollard pull, the same as the port’s strongest diesel powered tug.

ABB built a electric drive with 4+ gen sets and a battery for some port somewhere. Massive reduction in emissions was same bollard pull as the one it replaced.

I bet it cost a lot more…

The word Damen was already mentioned at 1:17 in the video. The tug was by contract built by the Dutch Damen shipyards.

Has a town in China done more to save the planet than the rest of the world together?? That is impressive.
I don’t think they even know about it in Wuhan.

oh the irony…
even more ironic, the world is opening up and china now closing down

Ages ago I looked at a diesel-electric tug for sale. No deal - she was rusted too bad for my home welding skills to fix- but I did like the drive system. Diesel engine out, battery in, leave the rest alone, instant electric tug???

Keel has been laid for the first new electric tug for Auckland:

The tugs in our largest ports at present are diesels with a two man crew. The machinery has been cut back to the bare essentials, two main engines, electric start, large battery pack with inverter for mains supply. The hotel services consist of a microwave and a kettle, two tiny cabins with bunks and a crew room with a TV. The tugs are all about 70 tonne bollard pull and are plugged in to a 440 volt shore power as soon as they berth. The fully electric tug is not going to change much in the present way of operating.
If a ship gets into trouble off shore with the winding down of the off shore industry and no AHTS nearby, it is going to stay in trouble.
One other point raised is using HVDC transmission lines it is possible to send power a considerable distance with low losses and DC current is required for underwater cables. It is theoretically possible to send power from Australia to Singapore but realistically the barriers would give any sane person a headache.

Yeah, right … for the few minutes it ran on battery power only. Did you look up the emissions for the 4+ gen sets while they recharged the batteries?