Port Fourchon T-Mobile service complaints

I recently switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. I know most of you will probably scream at me me asking why. T-Mobile is terrible down here. It was for a major customer service complaint with Verizon and I figured I’ll give T-Mobile a go since they have unlimited data and are not as bad as sprint.

On getting to Fourchon for the first time I was delighted to see that my signal showed 4bars of 4g (not Lte but hey… Still fast enough to video chat with my kids while I’m at work ) I noticed that the speed was terrible. On checking the speed on the ookla speed test app I was getting between 50 and 20 Kbs. That’s less than 3G speed.

I called the customer service line. Filled a trouble ticket and called back. They said I was 6 miles from the nearest tower and it was only. 3G anyway… ERM… NO,!

Second time they asked me if I was in golden meadow be a use foruchons zip code happens to be the same.
This time I gave them the physical address of C-Port 2. I waited a week and still really crappy data speeds.
Called back and they said there was no trouble on the line or the tower again… I said that can’t be right since I’m still getting terrible speeds.
Went through the same process and filed another ticket. This time the customer service rep was smart enough to realise every they put in the zip code the location reverted to golden meadow. This time I got her to make sure she had my location right, to the point where I asked o the. As she was looking at I asked "Does I took a like two big fs or E’s (Halliburton slip and Flotation canal) she said… Oh yeah it does look like that…
When I called again the customer. Er service rep said they had the right area and they said the issue for slow data speeds is tower overload and they were working to correct the issue.

So… To sum up
T-Mobile customers. Do not accept slow speeds

  1. Call and complain
  2. Make sure the have the right area
  3. Repeat from step one regularly until they fix it.

The more of us that call and complain the more likely it is that the issue will be resolved.

Anyone else having similar experiences post here.

I switched from AT&T to T-Mobile and sevice has been generally very good in Fourchon, Grand Isle and Venice. 4G data, etc. Lamentably, I often have voice service offshore (and text) when other carriers don’t. At least it’s 70 cents a minute cheaper than when AT&T picks up a broadpoint/petrocom tower. Downside is that T-mobile owns a lot more low-frequency spectrum, proportionately, and often I don’t have a signal in my room. But that’s okay; if I’m there I’m sleeping and don’t want to answer the phone anyway.

I never had service in my room either. So it’s no loss, I’ve never had a problem with voice. Over all its been excellent, no dropped calls at all. It’s the data speed that’s abysmal.

First world problems…

It must be hell.

[QUOTE=“Barbossa;127642”]I never had service in my room either. So it’s no loss, I’ve never had a problem with voice. Over all its been excellent, no dropped calls at all. It’s the data speed that’s abysmal.[/QUOTE]

You might want to check and make sure you’re not being “throttled.” Unlimited data is unlimited only on your handset, not when using it as a mobile hotspot.

And yeah, first-world problem for sure. Much of the developing world has much better mobile infrastructure than the US … the advantage of coming to telecommunications late, I guess.

Definitely not being throttled as I only have this issue in Fourchon.

And I’m. Aware that this is a minor issue in the overall grand scheme of things and this truly is a first world problem but the point I was making was I was sharing a problem I had and sharing a possible soloution with others.