Anyone around Fourchon got Sprint?

My wife & I were considering changing cell carriers, & was wondering how is Sprint & Verizons coverage in Fourchon??

Yes, your Sprint phone will work in Fourchon just fine.

there internet coverage was horrible when i had it a couple months ago. I am on verizon now and its much better unfortunately only limited bandwith.

Verizon and ATT are the best. Verizon is starting to get better coverage and better data speed, but ATT will let you get on petro com if you need to call momma.

Sprint might work in Fourchon, but if you end up in Intercoastal City forget it!

I have AT&T now, just got off the boat this morning, & for the last couple of weeks, it seemed like the service SUCKED in Fourchon! SLOW & sometimes losing connection. Unless it is a problem with my phone or too many people using it hogging up all the bandwidth. A couple years ago, Sprint was horrible in Fourchon. I looked at their coverage map & it appears its better now. Thinkin Sprints the way to go once my contract is up. Truly unlimited data & they dont slow your speed down for using alot like at&t does! No worries about Intracoastal City either. My boats too big to work outta there :slight_smile:

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Are the GOM supply boat companies not giving their employees internet access? I thought everyone was getting that nowadays and with Skype who needs ATT, Sprint or any of the rest of them?

NO, they are not, and no, it is not a union issue

In Fourchon, all the cell carriers stank before Katrina. Afterward they apparently put up a cell tower close by. Now, my Sprint phone service is fantastic. I have an air card through verizon that works great in Fourchon also, though depending on where you are(cport2 or ll15)for example the speed is different.

[QUOTE=wheel wash;63289]NO, they are not, and no, it is not a union issue[/QUOTE]

??? Who said anything about unions?

I had an ATT card for some time, I used it on all the coasts working on a product tanker and it worked great. Enter Bayou Lafourche, not so great. So at my next contract renewal I switched to Sprint. At the time, excellent service. One month later, BAM ATT breaks off some 3G for Fourchon. Now I hear they are about the same service / speed wise. I have an iphone it works ok on 3g in fourchon and a sprint card with an external antenna that I plug into it and it has actually worked really well the last six months. Hope this helps.

Also to answer some of the other posts. The company I work for provides internet, that being said it is to pay bills, check email, do some Facebook, etc. When they tried to “share” it with everyone on other vessels people lost their self control and could not stop from downloading everything and anything. So they busted them down and limited the connection. I understand the need to connect with family and take care of your business, but downloading all the BS people “have” to have these days and the porn surfing is why people ruin a good thing. No one seems to understand that. If it is that important, get an air card.