Boost Mobile work in Fourchon?

Does anyone know If Boost Mobile works in Fourchon ? They have a great deal , $50 for unlimited calls, text and internet !!

Boost Mobile leases airtime on NEXTEL antennas.

I rarely go as far as Fourchon but I know that sprint (which owns NEXTEl) works in Galliano.

Nextel works great in Fourchon. Sprint is also pretty good. BTW Sprint owns Nextel but they are still using different bands. A Sprint phone with Nextel 2-way use Sprint voice band with Nextel 2-Way band for 2-way calls. A Nextel phone uses Nextel only towers for everything. Nextel works great at my house but my wife and I switched to Sprint because of the Smart Phone selection and our voice & data lines are horrible. Just because one works well doesn’t guarantee the other is the same.

Read this article about T-Mobile signing contract with Broadpoint. What it looks like to me is T-Mobile will be the best cell service to have in the GOM. Have yet to try it though.

I hate AT&T, but they are presently building a tower for better voice and 3G service for the first time in Fourchon. I was told by October 31st.

3G in Fourchon!!! Hells yes.

Watch me not be back for several years now…

I’ve always said the first provider with 3G down there would be able to kill it, and now we will see.