-Piping Color Codes-

Ok, I know this will seem dumb to some of you but figured I would throw this out there.

Im going thru the paperwork on this boat I just went chief on, and nothing is making sense with the color coding on this boat. Is there a universal standard color code ? What I had at Reinauer and whats here is way off, and before I bring it to the port engineer I want to have my facts straight.
What are you guys using for pipe color coding at ECO, HOS, is there a universal code down there ?

Am a west coast tug guy, I don’t know if there is a universal code, but I do know that west coast 550 class Crowley ATBs have some differences from the tug company I work for. Example yellow is fuel, orange is air at my current company. At Crowley yellow is lube oil and orange fuel…

Nope - unless your in Brazil -
However there are some suggested color codes depending on who you work for - and I mean contract to not the logo on the stack

There is usually a company standard. This varies between companies. The only “required by law” color code is light blue for potable water, due to health concerns.

ISO 14726 - Color coding for ship piping.

Some companies have there own way of coding pipes…I would check the vessel documentation (IE: SMS docs, etc) and see if you can find a company doc with the color coding. If you can’t find anything, ask the vessel supervisor…I’m sure he or she can get you something.