Looking for data on standard schematic symbols for piping and electrical

We’re tracing systems on our school boat and I would like to use the most correct symbology. We’re doing mostly piping and electrical systems.

I’m looking for a database of standard schematic symbols used in the maritime industry. I have not been able to find anything so far. Are there ABS rules on this? I’ve looked through the ABS website and couldn’t find anything. I’m guessing that they must specify symbols from some standard organization that shipbuilders have to follow.

I know many older boats don’t have very good documentation but I imaging new builds worth a lot of money would come with complete drawings these days.

Thanks for reading, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try this for a start: http://www.uscg.mil/sflc/mlclant/vdiv/docs/SFLCStdSpec0850.pdf

ABS has no rules regarding symbols used in drawings. . . I should know, I was a surveyor for them for 10 years. There are standard mechanical drawing symbols. Here is a start. http://facultyweb.kennesaw.edu/gconrey/documents/engineering_drawings_mechanical.pdf

I know that back in the mid to late 90s, ABS was hiring surveyors right out of school and with little or no experience. It got to the point were all of us, even the season ones had to start taking basic classes to show the knowledge of basic skills. One of the classes/tests was to show the ability to read drawings, shell expansions, schematics, etc. . . .you know, the kind of skills that one should have even as a 3AE. . . . and a really basic and important skill for a field surveyor in the yard, doing damage surveys and repair recommendations. . . . yeah. . .

Not Rules, but there are ISO standards. Which is close enough…