I’m trying to print the assessment sheets for engine room watch for one of my guys but they have sample written across them. Do we use these and re-type them or does anybody have an electronic copy they can pass along? Thanks for the help guys.

Mine also said “sample”. We looked on the uscg website and thats the lastest version I could find. NMC approved it along with my DDE paperwork.

I think if you print a copy (low dpi), then scan that copy (low quality), the “sample” wording will disapper.

I printed the sample one off for a guy on my boat. He asked the Nmc about it but they apparently told him not to worry about it. It sounded like they just haven’t updated their form.

A qmed on the boat i’m on used those sheets and the coast guard excepted it. you can always call or email the coast guard. if you email them they will answer in 2-3 days.