Another RFPEW control sheet question

I have a quick question about RFPEW Control Sheets. I’ve looked through the forums and on the USCG’s page and have found no clear answer, so I’ll ask here.

I work on a Maltese Flagged ship overseas and my Chief Engineer and 2nd Engineer are both licensed from the UK under the MCA system. Can they sign my RFPEW sheets?

If not, my Captain holds a US license, could he sign the control sheets?

I have a Maltese Motorman Certificate which allows me to do watch-keeping here. I also have a entry level US Wiper/OS/FH license with BST. I want to have my RFPEW sheets done and signed prior to up-grading to a QMED later this summer.

Thanks, Vince

Get them all to sign.

The Coast Guard will only accept assessments conducted by Americans. Officers signing must include their license number. The USCG will type the number into their database to verify the officer is 1) properly licensed to conduct the assessment and 2) is American. Recently, a shipmate had to re-do an assessment for Third Mate signed by a Canadian captain. Having foriegn mariners sign will create a red flag. If the USCG denies assessments signed by your captain, I suggest checking out Training Resources Ltd in San Diego.

OK, thanks.

I figured they would not accept a foreign officers signature, but I thought it was worth checking. Plus I wasn’t sure if the Master could sign the assessments also, with him being part of the navigation watch. I’ll call the NMC and see what answer I get this time. Thanks again.