Qualified Assessor In Engineering

Hi. I’m looking to get STCW III/4 RFPEW (ratings forming part of engineering watch) endorsement but my company doesn’t have a qualified assessor. I have reached out to Maine maritime and Northeast and a few others with no joy. Anyone know of a course or a way to get this done? It seems odd that 20 years of seatime and standing C/E watch doesn’t give me street cred for know how to do basic engineroom procedures but, we also still get watched when we pee in the cup
anyway, I need a QA to fill out an NVIC 07-14. Any ideas?

You don’t need one (yet). See page 1 of Enclosure (2) to NVIC 07-14:

Until June 30, 2024, the Coast Guard will accept assessments signed before January 1, 2024, by mariners holding an appropriate national endorsement and who have at least 1 year of experience as officer in charge of an engineering watch (OICEW) on seagoing vessels of the applicable propulsion mode(s) of at least 1,000 HP (750 kW).

Are you sure none of the engineers there got QA on their own? All they need is a really simple assessor class and it’s a free submission so some might have done it.

You don’t need a QA yet like jdcavo said. Just need to find someone with the license to sign you off since you can’t sign off your own assessments.

Thank you. in knew I was missing something. This help a lot

When are they going to just go ahead and scrap this assessor program? They have been waiving it for years because they know that very few have it and no one is getting it.


Does your company have STCW licensed mariners?

Thank you
Any licensed officer? I’m currently working for a company that only has 100grt ships. I’m sailing as C/E. What if the Captain signed both the NVIC 04-17 and NVIC 17-14? in my eyes that would be sufficient. (if didn’t mention it I also want the III/1 OICEW that is basically the same form)

Hi Capt, So there was one engineer that was a QA and I just filled in for him… He just quit unfortunately.
The only STCW officers I know are bridge staff. Would the captain be an option? I’d think that he would be the right person if he is the only one above me (I’m currently working as CE- 100grt vessel-Unmanned ER’s)

No because he doesn’t have the knowledge to assess engineering tasks.

Even though the assessor doesn’t need to officially be a QA they do need to have at least an STCW endorsement as OICEW and at least one year serving as AE/OICEW in order to assess for RFPEW.

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Actually, they don’t. Appropriately qualified officers on inland waters and the Great Lakes, who do not have STCW endorsements, would be acceptable. But an assessor for RFPEW and other engine endorsements does need to hold a national officer endorsement (license) appropriate to the HP of the vessel and the capacity they are serving in even if the COI for the vessel doesn’t require a person holding that endorsement. So, no, the Captain cannot assess engineering competences.

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That’s not widely known so I’m really glad you mentioned that!

Thank you! very helpful information. It looks like this will not be attainable for me at the current time but opens more possibilities. Thank you

Thank you Capt! good info! I appreciate all the help!

NMC has a list of QAs on their web page. Many don’t have contact info, but some do. Have you looked at that?