Pipe Color code

What is the pipe color code

For you its orange

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T’s match the elbows, and no exposed nipples.

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But actually, where I work:
Yellow=diesel or oil
Red=fire main
Yellow/black=dirty oil
Purple=Refrigerant (reefer ships, so a lot of those).

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Your company safety management system, if there is one, will list the color code for your companies boats. What freighterman listed is pretty close to what we have, except oil is different from fuel. Ive seen one company had orange for fuel and yellow for oil. If your boat has pipe diagrams it may list the color on there as well.

There are a number of different schemes.

The only place I know has mandatory colours is drilling in Brazil. We had to redo the whole ship and it’s just red, yellow, green depending on what the hazard is. Doesn’t tell you from a distance what is actually in there.

Otherwise use ISO 17426 which most company SMS are based on.

The IMO’s OSV Code also has colours for bulk manifolds.

There is no diagram for this company and most of valves are not marked.
I know yellow is fuel and orange is hydraulic, what color would be for jacket water I used pink on my last vessel I am trying to use the ISO chart. Waste oil black and a yellow strip

Sorry. We have salt water green fresh water blue and bilge is black. That is as far as we go.

ISO says Blue and violet. I’ve seen blue and red too (blue for fresh water, red for hot or high pressure).

Thank you

Thank you I will use the your recommendation