Machine shop rules

Ive been somewhat tasked with getting the machine shop and welding shop set up on a new vessel. Of course most equipment was installed before delivery however it wasnt really organized for good work flow and organization. One of my main conserns is in regards to the welding shop. Every ship ive worked on so far has kept oxygen and acetylene bottles at opposite ends of the room at the very least and one even had the acetylene bottle in an adjoining space. Currently our bottles are just kept on a cart strapped to the bulkhead. Im wondering if theres an ABS or coastguard rule regarding this as to why this is the first time im seeing them kept next to eachother. Id like to put in more permanent solid mounts for the bottles and eventually install a retractable hose reel for them. Also if theres any other rules to keep in mind for how the shops should be set up id appreciate any insight.

Depends on the amount. Best practice is to either separate them by twenty feet or store them in separate containers.

A lot of initial setup to account for best practices doesn’t account for operations under shipboard conditions. It’s neat to have them in separate compartments until they have to be used in rough weather and carted over next to each other because that’s the only gauge and hose setup available. That’s how they end up poorly lashed in a corner of the shop and left there. Make sure you invest in a proper gauge and hose setup to account for reality.