Engine coolant in air system oops

One of the oilers on the factory trawler I work on misunderstood some instructions. He added engine coolant to the compressed air system for our deck winches instead of the methanol based air brake antifreeze he was supposed to. Apparently he’s been doing it for about a month. We haven’t had any problems yet but was wondering if anyone had this happen to them before. Just wondering how big a problem it might be. I know coolants usually have glycol additives that might gum up an air system. We’re only fishing for another week or two so fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Just drain the coolant, refill with alcohol and cycle the brakes until you get alcohol mist or strong smell out the exhausts. If there is a quantity adjustment on the injectors open them up to get a high flow while cycling the brakes then reset to normal.

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Thanks for the response. That’s what we’re doing for now. Unfortunately its not just the air brakes. All the tension control valves are pneumatically signaled too. I’m more worried about those. Guess well see

My suggestion is call the tension control manufacturers and ask about your situation.

sheesh!!, the things that happen.