A "dumb" question

Hey there, dunno if I posted this in the correct sub-forum, if so, could someone please insert it in the correct one?

Yeah, I can’t brag much about myself. Engineer apprentice aboard M/F Krageroe, a ferry that goes in the fjord here in Norway. I have currently no education but this autumn I am attending back to school to start my education as a maritime Engineer.

However, I’ve been an apprentice for now a few weeks, and some students has been shoved in with me as they are just out here to check if this is what they want. However, at Lunch we came in to a discussion of what was possible or not, so, hence I’ve taken the time to post the question at hand here, to allow people who actually know these sort of things answer.

I know we use Chlorine in our water cooling-system and that it’s not ordinary FW, however, we ended up discussing a tragic event, what to do if the FW cooling ended up being wrecked. The scenario was that even the standby pump was out of drift as well, it should technically not happen, but we took it in to the scenario.
He said that to connect the SW system would not work at all, I think it could work, however, one has to throw the engine afterwards, but in a crisis, you more want to wreck an engine than an entire ship if it comes to it.

Would it be possible to connect a SW cooling-system to an engine or nay? It will most likely wreck the entire thing, but would it be sufficent to use to get away from danger?

Thanks for any positive replies :slight_smile: