Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Off Shore Rigs, Barges, and those who work them

PSV “NORMAND SEARCHER” at TROLL B Platform, 29/7-22

“North Cruys” in to Aderdeen yesterday:

Photo: George Saunders via NSF

The 2017 built SEVEN ARCTIC berthed at Port of Nigg`s New East Quay. She arrived at the Cromarty Firth after a 15 day voyage from Deer River USA.

Photo: David Meek (c) via Maasmond Newsclippings today:

May be an image of outdoors

AET’s shuttle tanker Eagle Blane at work today:

Interesting colour scheme.

The HAI DUONG 02 arriving at Rotterdam Waalhaven
Photo: Hans Lingbeek (c)

Photo: Fabian Vornholt

As Hanjin Dallas:

Tidewater’s “TROMS ARCTURUS” heading for Heidrun Field - 08.08.2022
Fotos: Sven Arild Pedersen

Seven Vega spooling pipes at Vigra Spool Base, Norway:

PS> Seven Oceans on the other side of the pier awaiting her turn.

No they are not nuclear powered:

Three sister ships together at Barrow in Furness (UK) 39-08-2022 Nuclear Fuel Carriers PACIFIC GREBE & PACIFIC HERON & PACIFIC EGRET
Photo: Capt Johan Trommel, Master Eastern Rock ©

The Pacific Support Vessel RELIANT acquired by the Australian Government to support Pacific family needs and requests joined the Royal Australian Navy fleet ahead of the 2022 high risk weather season. A flag raising was conducted in Brisbane where the vessel is based. The highly adaptable ship will deploy with specialist multi-agency teams of personnel and can be used for a range of purposes, including marine survey, delivering heavy equipment, search and rescue training, and disaster relief and recovery.

Dutch CG vessel:

Dutch Coast Guard’s BAREND BIESHEUVEL moored in Kristiansand, Norway
Photo: Jan Willem Goudriaan (c)

Used for fishery patrols??

It is mushroom season in Ålesund:

I can count at least 10 “mushrooms” on the ships seen in this picture.

PS> The Island Princess has a couple more outside the frame, as seen here:

Hopefully heading for a shipyard for some tender loving care (for ship and crew):

The US flagged 2002 Keppel Shipyard built cable layer DEPENDABLE arrived from Taichung (Taiwan) at the Singapore Eastern Anchorage
Photo: Piet Sinke (c)

ATB Aurora/Qamun discharging in Dutch Harbor


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Expert heaving line thrower:

CSV CECON EXCELLENCE seen while being laid up in Brygga, Norway.
On the right seen the Seismic vessel SANCO SWIFT and SANCO SWORD
The smallest vessel is SANCO SCORPION.
Photo: Ole Petter Dahl ©

The story of CEON Excellence so far:

PS> She was subsequently towed to Brygga and laid up.
The Cecon Excellence was towed to Westcon Yard Florø in July, presumably for outfitted but who the present owner is is a bit unclear.(??)

Maybe a happy ending for the sad story of Cecon Excellence after all?

The Star Pisces was beached for scrapping in Alang, India, on July 12. 2022:

Source: Star Pisces Beached for Scrapping in India - Cruise Industry News

The last part of the STAR PISCES at the beach in Alang
Photo via Eren Topcu Founder of the Ship Breaking Group

The Exeter homeported pneumatic self-discharging cement Carrier “RONEZ” outbound passing the Wandelaar pilot station enroute from Terneuzen to Guernsey loaded with 950 ton dry cement powder.
Photo: Ronald Ribbe ©

The newest arrival on the New Zealand coastal shipping scene, Pacifica Shipping’s TAKUTAI CHIEF , in Lyttelton Harbour on November 13.
Photo: Nick Tolerton (c)

As Lihir Chief (with cranes intact):

Usually breakers start by cutting the “nose” (like A.E.) but sometimes it is necessary to compromise:

The CARNIVAL FASCINATION with in the background the ANTARES EXPERIENCE at the Gadani Ship Breaking Yard
Photo via Eren Topcu Founder of the Ship Breaking Group & Turkey Representative at DemoGate

Breakers are busy cutting up Cruise ships, but are short of other types due to the high freight rates for bulkers and the demand for old VLCCs due to Russia sanctions.
PS> Container ships MAY become available in larger numbers soon.

Currently in the Aliaga Turkey shipbreaking yards:

Photo via Linked in: Ömer Sorgulu Ship Recycling Expert.
The cruise ship fleet and the number of old semisub drilling rigs continues to shrink by the look of it.

First men on their way onboard to start cutting the nose off:

Alang Ship Breaking Yard 🇮🇳