Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Off Shore Rigs, Barges, and those who work them


Apparently located in Wellington, NZ.

PS> The “Tunderbox” is usually placed at the stern.

Source: John Townsend, World Ship Photography Group

Ooops!!! Wrong valve:

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Before the invention of anti-heel system:

Unloading locomotive from SS Belbetty at Port Augusta, South Australia, Circa 1950s
Text & Photo: Denis Fitzgibbon

The Belbetty was actually a motor ship:

Closer look:

Photo: ChrisBearADL

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At least when you were doing what was regarded as a heavy lift life was much slower and as mate you could take as much time as you like.

Today’s reality on most ships in the world, a multi-national crew:

Capt Mark Rowden (Middle) celebrate this month his 14th year as Captain with Holland American Line. he has seen many changes over this period, one thing really standing out how diverse and inclusive we have become on the Bridge.
The NOORDAM bridge team is from 8 nationalities we have officers from Croatia, Greece, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Philippines , Romania and United Kingdom. Everyone has a vested interest in supporting each other and making each other grow and become a effective team.
All any Captain can wish for!

Diverse in nationality, but not in gender

I knew he had to have more than a sledge and some reindeers to carry all those gifts all over the place:

PS: Ships and seafarers are essential year around, not just for one day per year!!

Originally Swedish Kanangoora, Blt. 1963:

The 2007-built coaster RANGITATA, pictured at Lyttelton on January 21 her first visit to the port, has been attracting attention in different New Zealand ports as the latest addition to the country’s small coastal fleet. The 2387-dwt ship, which revives a famous passenger liner name, brought a cargo of fertiliser to Lyttelton from New Plymouth.
Text & Photo: Nick Tolerton ©

Slightly overloaded??:

Work on the stricken bulker OS35 off Gibraltar continues. Here we can see her crane booms being dismantled.
Photo: Daniel Ferro (c)

Sunset over Singapore with the QUANTUM OF THE SEAS and the OVATION OF THE SEAS moored at the Marina Bay cruise terminal.

The GENTING DREAM inbound for the Marina Bay Cruise Terminal in Singapore.
Photos: Nick Lin - Skyscapist Pte Ltd (c)

Sunset over the Marina Bay cruise terminal in Singapore with seen alongside the MEIN SCHIFF 5 and GENTING DREAM
Photo: Nick Lin - Skyscapist Pte Ltd (c)