Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Off Shore Rigs, Barges, and those who work them


[QUOTE=Sweat-n-Grease;140807]This is what it use to be like ~ Alas it’s gone with the wind.

The Port of Naples with Vesuvius in the background.

American-Export Lines vessel the SS “Extavia” steaming out of the Port of Naples.


Great to see you back Chief.


Nice vintage shots SnG.

Hope you’re in fine fettle out there Chief.


Moran’s fine sea going tug SHEILA MORAN down bound on the Mississippi River Tuesday afternoon with the lite dry bulk barge CAROLINA.
Approaching 40 years as the workhorses of Moran’s offshore fleet. McDermott built some very nice tugs in the 70’s.


[QUOTE=Tugs;140808]Great to see you back Chief.[/QUOTE]

Howdy Tugs, I never went away just went into the bilges for a spell. :smiley:


[QUOTE=capnfab;140810]Nice vintage shots SnG.[/QUOTE]

Well I’m a vintage type of fellow, Capn. :smiley:

[QUOTE=capnfab;140810]Hope you’re in fine fettle out there Chief.[/QUOTE]

Not too shabby, just a bit grouchy but what’s a little grumps once in a while.
A Head Hunter phoned me back in April, said he has a Chief’s job for me on a steam ship. I mentioned my License expired, he said “well unexpire it.”


I found this site today, as I sailed “back then,” and on quite a lot of the ships mentioned, I enjoyed what I found. Some gCaptain members might find it enjoyable also.

I was a young 3rd A/E but I was trusted back in 1963. I may have been on the throttles when this photo was taken, Here’s a photo of the SS “Flying Hawk” about to make the Suez Canal transit. I was aboard her when the photo was taken. She was on a 4 month round-the-world voyage. I made two such voyages aboard her.


The ship was called a “Cadillac C-2” and she was.


I haven’t added any in a bit. Was working down in Dos Bocas some the last month or so. Here is one I shot of the CARSON RIVER passing by.

IMG_0769 by cmakin, on Flickr

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Another of the harbor tugs, Pemex jack up and others. . . .

IMG_0774 by cmakin, on Flickr


One last for now, the pilot boat.

IMG_0772 by cmakin, on Flickr


Glad to see this thread alive and kicking! Thanks cmakin


Yeah, I have been a bit remiss, but most of my work lately has been shoreside (I even picked up a job while down there for some land based equipment). I think that I have exhausted all of my old photos, or at least the ones I have scanned. I just wish more would post. There will be a few others going up in the coming days.


Tug MISS LIZZY, inbound Dos Bocas with deck barge.

IMG_0779 by cmakin, on Flickr


what ever happened to sweat n grease? that guy had some nice pictures and storys


Made a trip out to the Houston Ship Channel a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few. The MAERSK CAROLINA leading the MERMAID EXPRESS down toward the Bolivar Ancorage.

DSC_2920 by Carey Akin, on Flickr

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DSC_2924 by Carey Akin, on Flickr

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Gulf Copper Shipyard Pelican Island and stacked ENSCO rigs.

DSC_2972 by Carey Akin, on Flickr

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M/V: HAPPY LADY approaching Morgan’s Point.

DSC_3003 by Carey Akin, on Flickr

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Another of the HAPPY LADY.

DSC_3013 by Carey Akin, on Flickr

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DSC_2950 by Carey Akin, on Flickr



DSC_2944 by Carey Akin, on Flickr

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One last for now. Dolphins ahead of the MAERSK CAROLINA.

DSC_2934 by Carey Akin, on Flickr


This one may bring back memories for some. Former US tug “Tropical Star” seen in Singapore earlier this year:

She has had several names I believe


Shell’s Kulluk being loaded on the HLV Xiang Rui Kou for her last voyage, from Singapore to China late last year:


C Champion seen at Sembawang Port, Singapore early this year:

I don’t think she was on any Offshore work.


Paterson Tide at Eastern Anchorage, Singapore earlier this year:

The Farstad boat behind is of the same Vard design, but built at different yards:


Some rigs at Keppel FELS yard, Singapore. Most new, but some may be under upgrading:


The TROPICAL STAR is the old Jackson Marine MISTER CHIP, built at Halter Marine. . . in 1969. . .