Philly/Baltimore Chemical Barge

Good evening mariners. I am looking for any information possible on the small chemical barge that runs from Philly to Baltimore on a weekly basis. I have heard it referred to as the “PQ barge” before. Thanks in advance.

Yeah that’s what it’s called. Almost every company has moved it at one time or another, not sure who’s doing it now.

McAllister of Philly is moving it. From what I understand it gets loaded with a non-hazardous water based chemical of some sort. I want to say silica or silicone but that doesnt sound right.

Anyone know the name of the current barge? I found an article of Philadelphia Quartz barge “Pequeco 2” sinking just south of the C+D canal being towed by the John Turecamo in heavy ice in 2000. She was raised a few months later by Donjon. Wasn’t sure if its the same barge or has she been replaced by now? -thanks