Advice/opinions about Tidewater (the one in WA, not the Gulf/offshore company)

Hi all. I’ve been reading through gCaptain in search of info regarding Tidewater Barge Lines, and have found a lot of folks talking about what seems to be another company of the same name (Tidewater Marine). I haven’t seen any references to the Vancouver, WA-based Tidewater, and wondered if anyone here has worked for them (especially as a deck mechanic) and is willing to share their thoughts.

They’re a fine company. Largest on the Columbia river and well equipped. They are union if that matters to you.
I know a few guys there though and they’re all happy

Hi Shaq,
Thanks for the info. I had a good impression of them from interviews - safety-oriented and low turnover. I’m starting as an apprentice there in April, and am hoping to learn something about the work environment before getting dumped in at the deep end. :slight_smile: