Smaller Columbia/Willamette River Companies

Hi gCaptain crew.

I’m working in the GOM and living in Portland Oregon. The idea of working closer to home has it’s appeal (especially working on a river where I might actually have crew change on a regular basis instead of the 28-might-really-be-40 days I’m working now).

I used the search and saw a old thread about companies to look at on the columbia. I still thought it might be worth asking if there are any smaller companies that might not have websites I should go knock on doors for. Does Ross Island Cement co. have a few boats? Shaver/Tidewater/Foss all seem to have very low turnover. I’m really only interested in even time rotations.

I’m an AB/QMED about to get DDE and prefer engine work to deck. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Not a lot of engineer jobs on the river. Ross I, SDS, and Bernert would prob give you an interview if you have a decent resume. Olympic might be a better fit for the engineer spot

A friend just got hired on at Bernert; good family run company. I think they’ve got four boats now. SDS is another. They bought the old Western Comet a couple years back; not sure what their staff situation is at the moment.