Paramedics onboard?

Hello , i would like to ask if anyone knows if there are any job opportunities for paramedics onboard. I have a friend that has a paramedic diploma and is interested in workin onboard in any type of a second officer and as far as i know there are nurses on passenger ship but i dont k oe if they need another diploma.

Check with “Tiger Safety”

SMS in Lafayette is another 3rd party contractor that uses paramedics. We carry one aboard our vessel that works for SMS

Stabbert maritime is looking for a paramedic for a 70 day hitch in Chile. Might be a good opportunity to get a foot in the door.

Acadiana provides EMS services to a lot of the rigs here in the gulf.

Also Chevron hires there own paramedics for their stuff. You don’t do a lot of life saving and your true responsibility is the safety manager for the instillation and making sure drills are run.

Trident Seafoods carries medics on-board it’s vessels (large processor ships).

The Paramedic on the ship I was on was a retired Spec-Ops guy, 30 years in.