Offshore Medic Jobs without HSE Training

OK, I’m a newbie in this industry. As in zero time on a ship or rig. I’m hoping this thread goes here. I have some questions regarding medics.
I was a US army medic, did a few tours to Iraq, did a lot of time in the ER, ICU, hospital, ambulance and remote/hostile environments and did a search on this forum but couldn’t find what I’m looking for. Now I’m looking to apply my skills on the waters. I took STCW in Manila, have a cert, no seamans book, just applied for a TWIC, and lots of medical certs.

  1. Where are medics used in this field? Offshore rigs, vessels, onshore, tankers, in the gulf, open seas? I don’t care where, although I’d love to work in Asia and get a condo in Manila. I’ll go anywhere to work. But I’m seeing a lot of HSE and safety jobs out there. I have zero safety quals. I’m interested in treating the emergency when it happens, not preventing it with powerpoint slides and briefs. What area of this industry requires an actual medic, not someone with a different job who took a 1 week basic medical first-aid course? What kind of ship or rig or whatever employs actual EMTs, nurses, medics, doctors?

  2. Will my land based military and civilian medical certs apply to a maritime medic job? Is OEM Offshore Emergency Medical course a requirement? I’m only seeing it related to European jobs, is it strictly a European job requirement?

Like I said I’m fresh out of the birth canal and have been googling the last week, but I’m getting all kinds of different answers. I’ll have more questions if I can’t find it on this forum with a search.

Thanks, Hooah.

If your quals are high enough, you can be a Medical Services Officer with Military Sealift Command. You’d have to have gotten at least to E6 I believe. Also I think the US Antarctic Program hires medics, I’m sure that’s extremely competitive though. As for the rest of the industry well those are the only two instances I know of that hire someone for the sole position of being a medic. We mostly patch ourselves up. I suppose you could also look at the passenger industry as well, but they mostly want someone who’s at least an RN.