Do Tankers or Freight Ships use Medical personnel?

Just joined this site trying to see if there is a need for medical personnel (nurse, medic, or doc) on ships? If so what would a person have to do to get a job? Have a masters degree as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner with emphasis in Emergency Medicine/Trauma. Spent 5 1/2 years Navy then the rest in Air Force with two deployments to Iraq. Working fulltime in VA ER but would like to try working on a ship or oil platform.

Thanks for any information!

You military time would make you a good candidate for MSC.

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Thank you for the information, much appreciated.

The UK rules were a doctor was required if there were more than 12 passengers or 100 crew. Below that they were left to my tender administrations. One look at me pulling on rubber gloves over large and scarred hands was usually enough to create a Lazarus like moment.
Paramedics are normally carried on rigs, dive and construction support vessels and seismic vessels where there are large numbers of personnel.

You’re welcome. With your ER background, you might want to have a look at the USNS Comfort in the MSC fleet.

MSC, possibly cruise ships, and oil platforms. Commercial vessels don’t generally carry medical staff.

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If you want a good even time rotation (21 days on / 21 days off) then take a look at drilling companies in the Gulf of Mexico (Transocean/Seadrill/Valaris/Noble). All of the drillships carry a Medic. You’d have to verify the qualifications required, but it sounds like you’re more than covered.

Thank you

Cruise ships…not a fan of snotty nose kids and their parents so that wouldn’t work.


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That would be a great rotation 21 on and 21 off. Will take a look at those companies and appreciate the information!

Perfect candidate for MSC or an MSC contracted ship. Crowley, TOTE, Maersk, all operate MSC ships.

Thank you for the information!

Try Transocean as a medic if you don’t want to be stuck out at sea forever with MSC.

That is one thing to consider about MSC. The rotations are brutal. It doesn’t work for everyone.

Will do, thank you

How brutal are the rotations at sea?


From personal experience, master/officer, 3 months on/1off rotation; Sorry, it’s been a while and I don’t remember the medical staff rotation schedule .

Please PM directly and I can help with some insight. Not a recruiter.

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I thought MSC had a minimum 4 month tour with 30 days vacation.

Last I checked it was 4 months on, 30 days off paid, then back onboard for another 4 months. Some mention was made of a concession by MSC that you could take up to an additional 30 days off, unpaid, after the 30 days of paid vacation. Otherwise, back to the ship.

Whoever puts up with these idiotic schedules, I feel for them.