Outer Banks

That road gets wet during a strong blow

Yeah, 40 knots is a mild nor’easter not worth mentioning in these parts.

When my bride worked at Regional, she dreaded nor’easters because some of her patients and fellow employees couldn’t get past that road. I heard they raised it a bit lately, haven’t been back there since the “Improvement”. Some of the employees liked the unscheduled “vacation”.

The road still floods often. There’s been talk forever about raising the portion that floods. Instead, geniuses at NCDOT have decreed that a bike path needs to be built along the road and raising the roadway will become part of that project. The project is now so bloated that it’s been postponed due to lack of funds. They’re still planning on the bike path in spite of opposition and petitions by residents and business owners.
I’m guessing somebody at the DOT owes a favor to a buddy who specializes in building bike paths.

You mean “Waterbike paths”? Or “Aqua Busing” for the students? My Mom was a site agent in the 60’s selling those lot’s. The road into there was not “Highlighted/ mentioned” by design from the developers. Used to ride mini-bikes back there, mosquitos had to squat to screw the turkeys. Some darn nice properties there now. But the road into there, well…not much better than almost 50-60 years ago…

That suits me fine. We don’t need a bunch of pencil neck wannabe tour de france guidos on their fancy race bikes and assorted touron looky loos in the neighborhood spreading their cooties.

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Ist chuckle of the day. Both my local tenants feel the same way, and many of the great friends I have made there over the years. The one on the beach road is on the island now with his gal because he can’t get through the “Road” . She is on stilts on a canal, he is not… The other guy is on stilts, never flooded, even during"Isabel". I don’t know for sure, ( And certainly no disrespect) but I think they were all born with webbed feet down that way.

You’ve probably seen this, CH 1968. Building lots were a thousand bucks.

Looks like a picture from the sales brochure. Moms office was a bit to the right, (not in this picture) near or close to the entrance. I was 12 or 13 when this picture was taken. About the right time frame. Bought my first property down there from Dr. Martone 6-7 years later as an AB tankerman. Not there but close by. The sign said"7 years financing, for 7 %, and 7 % down. Was on a fishing trip and pulled in by the sign. $67.00 per month on Bay Drive. How I wish I had a reverse time clock. They do catch hell on the lower elevated properties from time to time.


Aced it .

Not a good time to go fishing.

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Or shrimping in the sound. The bycatch soft crabs are missed dearly since I sold my boat and net. Those storms come out of nowhere.