Outer Banks

LeeShore, would active sidesticks decrease safety? I value your opinion on many things. By the way, you said you were leaving Outer Banks a while back. The numbers on real estate there is bonkers above the crazy shit already. My humble abodes have almost doubled in the last 18 months Hope you made bank. Still holding on to my shit down that way. There is a grant program up to 6k "Strengthenyourroof.com offered by the insurance companies . Getting a new one on Monday with minor out of pocket. 130 MPH shingles will be installed among other structural improvements. Check it out if you still have some stuff there. First come first serve until the money runs out.

I don’t see how a dead stick helps. It’s counterintuitive to me to have to look across the cockpit to see the position of a basic control.
Yeah, this real estate market is a wild ride with every sale a bidding war. Got it sorted after a couple of months in a hotel.

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Had an open house in Va Beach in February for my son’s home, surprisingly had two Outer Bankers bidding because of the ridiculous pricing down that way. 10 bidders the first day, all well over asking price. My next door neighbor thankfully allowed us first refusal before she listed her home. Son bought it and lives next door now and does not have to excavate the wild bamboo at his former abode. We all saw this crazy pricing in the early 90’s because of credit for everyone. This time, it will take a hit at some point, but won’t be because of the massive foreclosures created by poor lending practices of the past. Unfortunately, the assessments and insurance rates have followed pace. Kills me to raise rents on long term loyal folks that take good care of my shit, they can still walk to the beach.