I’m a non-resident migrant worker

So I’m shopping around for homeowners insurance. I told one company’s agent that I’m away on ships/training most of the year. (Honest answer, right?)

She tells me that because I don’t live in my home more than six months a year I can’t claim it as a full time residence. I’ll need to buy landlord insurance. (This costs about 20% more.) But as some stuff in the house won’t be covered by landlord insurance I’ll also need renter’s insurance.

I point out that I’m not renting from myself. I’m living there when I’m not away for work. She points out that it would be insurance fraud to buy homeowner’s insurance for a temporary residence.

I had a good laugh. Both logical and ridiculous. Has this happened to anyone else?

No. Not that particular thing.That is absurd. That is a problem you can solve. You don’t have a home anywhere else. Most people are not at home when they are at work. I have run into problems about having a “vacant house.”

Whenever I encounter stupid uncooperative insurance agents that want to cause problems, I just get a new agent, sometimes at the same agency.

Generally, if you use an an experienced and successful agent at a fairly large agency that knows the local market and has influence with the underwriters, and several different underwriters to choose from, most problems can be solved quite easily. I have used the same agency for years, but I have changed agents a couple of times. I also try to keep all my insurance with same underwriter.

I would never do business with State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, AAA, or those types of companies.

USAA might be a good choice for you.

So if you have no domicile then I guess it’s ok to not pay any taxes to that State that are based on “living” there. Bet that would fly with your Dept of taxation.

Funny you say that. It was USAA!

That’s completely nutty. USAA of all outfits is intimately familiar with people who live in one place and are constrained by their duty to be somewhere else for long periods. Shoot this one upstairs.

I have USAA too. I usually solve this by hanging up, calling again and getting someone different. I’ve noticed this shit happening since early 2017 and my guess is that they’ve hired new people and rushed through the training process.

Another great bank for us sailors is the Navy Fed.

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I think you should try this and then get back to us. :wink:

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I guess USAA isn’t what it use to be. That should still be easy to solve by getting a supervisor. If not, there good local insurance agents that will be happy to help you.

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That’s a bummer! I have insurance through USAA and they are just the best and know exactly what I do. I am getting ready to close on a place and when I called them for insurance, they literally knew more about the property then I did. I’d follow the suggestion of hanging up and calling back to get another person or talk to a supervisor.

Why did this discussion of being away even come up?

Is not your schedule varied and some years you are home more than 6 months?

Depends on the state, the number of factors in your davor (your companies’ tax domicile and office locations, where you actually spend the most time, where your car is registered, etc). From what I hear Maine is the most difficult to get out of. One year I was basically living in Texas but owned a house elsewhere. I worked almost the entire year so my state tax bill amounted to around 15k. My CPA suggested that I file in Texas BUT since my wife was working in said state and living in our house we would have to write up and notorize a short statement saying we were “separated” for the year. With said statment our state taxes would be zero, otherwise we’d have to oay the full 15k

I presented this logically sound and technically true (I hardly saw her at all that year) proposition to my wife along with my profound devotion to her, promise to remain 100% faitful and the offer that she spend the full 15k on a present for herself.

I can’t recap her reply in this thread :exploding_head: but lets just say that I ended up paying the full tax bill :cry::sob:.

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I’d keep calling and next time avoid particulars on residency, just say you fix boats!
Any Agent worthy the name knows this routine, i would’t get put thru any hoops over being a Mariner over it.