USAA Insurance opens to all vets

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I just found out that USAA insurance is now open to all veterans. I compared them to my former insurance company and save about 150.00 for a 6 month auto policy. FWIW!
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I’ve had USAA since I was a kid (my Dad was Air Force) and I love them. All their services are top-notch, and they have the best customer service people I’ve ever dealt with.

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USAA is great for banking too. All of your insurance and banking needs can be handled online. ATM withdrawal fees are reimbursed as well. Highly recommended to any military or dependents that are eligible for membership.

I like the banking because you can scan a check to deposit it. No more mail!

I’ve been using them for 25 years for insurance, car loans, and mortgage. Insurance in particular is great, never a problem with claims, the last one was when I hit a deer on the way to NMC, they had a truck in my driveway to take my truck for repairs less than an hour after I made the claim.

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[QUOTE=jdcavo;22283]the last one was when I hit a deer on the way to NMC, [/QUOTE]

We know there was no chance of crashing while looking at the scenic harbor with pretty sailboats.

I have to add to the list of praise. USAA has treated me exceptionally well. Heck, the auto roadside asstance is a few bucks per 6months. When I say a few Im mean less than $10 !

Thanks guys! I checked into USAA and I am now saving over $ 700/yr. in comparable homeowners insurance.( I had Liberty Mutual at a discounted rate through a credit union). The auto is only slightly less, but it was well worth the switch. I guess I don’t need no stinkin’ Obama bucks after all.

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