Navy Credit Federal Union

a guy coming up on a tugboat asked me if he was eligible for a Navy Federal Credit Union bank account (much like the Navy, USCG and whoever fuck else is on the list on privileged). I looked into this because I travel outside the US a lot and would love the benefits of a US SAM bank account. I would argue this is a reasonable request since as a merchant mariner we work on the FUCKING water. WE ARE NOT…why the fuck would I go to war for you if I cant ever have the same bank benefits as you… forgive the cursing @Alan_Newport I would like your input about such merchant mariner “benefits”.

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I am ex-Navy and a NFCU member. NFCU is not a part of the Navy. Who they offer membership to is up to them as a private entity and not up to the Navy or any other Government organization.

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I use the Android app so I have no idea what the website itself is like.

Like Hawespiper said, NFCU is a private organization, not affiliated with the Navy. They can set their membership requirements however they want. That said, their membership requirements look fairly liberal, I am sure a great many MSC or Crowley types are already members. I belong to USAA and NFCU, NFCU is better for its branch locations, but USAA offers better services. That said, the old timers tell me that USAA was really on point before they started letting enlisted join. That’s not elitism; credit unions thrive when they are exclusive. Instead of the MM blaming the Navy for their woes (ahem) why isn’t there a Mariner’s Credit Union?


You raise a valid point. I think a lot of guys/gals would benefit.

Just think about it. Every 6 packer boater would join then too because they got an MMC… they’re not mariners to me but hey


Well the 30,000 plus mariners in the towing industry are and currently they are overlooked on many levels, including this.


Air Force credit unions usually let anybody join. Once you join one credit union they usually Co-op with several other organizations so you have options where ever you go

I join both NFCU and USAA when it was still exclusive and I am still an active voting member of USAA. WIth NFCU, IIRC from the scuttlebutts, MSC employees are allowed to join when they report to a branch overseas. But I could be wrong about that. They might be eligible right here in the States.

I kinda lost a little respect for USAA and NFCU when they let my ex-wife (never served) join and now her second husband, third husband, and children (also ever served) are all members of both.

Speaking of USAA, anyone knows what month the Dividends checks/deposits come out? Anyone else also saddled with a ridiculously enormous and continuously growing special savings account that we are not allowed to liquidate or use until membership resignation or death? And what the Hell is it there for anyway? Its also like a Na…Na…Na-Na…Na… you gots lots of money and you can never use it.

Maybe I should just run for an office there and “Try” to make some changes for my personal benefit.

Annual SSA distribution is in early December.

Once you have 40 years with USAA, you become a Senior Member and are eligible for a “senior Distribution” in February each year. That distribution is 10% of your SSA balance.

All insurance companies are required by law to have major financial resources to pay claims. More info here:

Thanks. Even 10% of the current balance is considerable. Four more years. And please, please, please don’t tell my wife.

Isn’t USAA still an exclusive club that excludes mariners?

NFCU is open to all civilian employees of DoD, you can join at any branch, it doesn’t have to be overseas. I joined in a DC branch when I worked in MSC HQ.

I get embarrassed for Mariners when they tell me they are part of usaa or navy federal without any prior service…or when they fake their Twix as a military ID for discounts.

There’s nothing nefarious about CIVMARS joining NFCU.
IIRC I was issued a CAC card during MSC indoc and some of us who accepted the offer of joining the credit union were driven to a branch in a minivan to open accounts. Not many Wells Fargo branches in the middle East.
The T-AGOS I was on in the Persian Gulf was constantly shadowed by Iranian gunships and suspicious looking dows and the T-AOE I was on had no defensive weapons although we carried enough jet fuel and ordnance to blow a crater the size of Staten Island if attacked. We were targeted twice and both attacks were prevented.
You may not consider it service to the country but I don’t feel embarrassed in the least about having a NFCU account.
And by the way, I don’t condone weasels who claim benefits they are not entitled to either.


Sure you want to join?

I’m a member of nfcu. In fact, I’ve written multiple times to leave but they keep sending me stuff.

What’s the benefit of using nfcu? The last time I looked (15 years ago) a few commercial banks offered better benefits.

How about if you own property abroad, like I would assume, some NCFU members do. Uncle Sam backing.