Waterfront Joints

Burneraccount, you may after sailing a bit, enjoy those extras. Fly low sir but cover your ass In this day and time. I did way back when .But still made a trip to Stoneys more than once in Tampa and I think it was called Anchor Bar in Lauderdale. Probably both out of business by now. Always walked, After the Alaska thing and .04, just stayed on the rig. didn’t want the headache to meet the most recent criteria. Pilots gave us tickets to the titty bars in a few ports… I confess,redeemed a few way back when. Again, stay low sir as a newbie. You can make your own rules later on.


The anchor bar is now a Walgreens

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I kinda figured it was gone. We had a lifering there as well as quite a few others. How about the yuppie place with great conch soup/chowder on the canal near the titty bar? The locals could pull their boat up to the dock in the back The name escapes me, but great food. Would get lunch as often as I could there. And yes, a problem if the only engineer onboard gets hurt. I usually took the chief with me to just get a break. We had an asst engineer to watch over things the short time we were gone. You know I had to use my tickets before they expired.

Those corner lots are worth big bucks. Every corner bar in Tampa became a Walgreens or CVS. Sad

It’s all them damn old people’s fault. They rather run down to the corner to buy Metamucil, Preparation H, q-tips, etc. & not a shot of Jagermeister & a pack of smokes like they used to do.


Oh Pebble, don’t bunch me in with the metamucil group. I am old as hell, but still like an occasional beer at a rowdy sailors bar.


Um. . . . . it is Freddie’s Anchor Inn, just outside of the gates at Port Everglades, thank you. . . uh, I mean, or so I am told. We usually went to hang out at the Southport when there, though. Myself (CE) and the Old Man. . . were we doing it wrong? Oh, and Stoney’s. Yeah, I am sure that we have rubbed elbows decades ago. . .

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Noooooooooo . . . . . .

That sounds like the Southport. Shitty parking lot (that only mattered once I moved to Fort Lauderdale). We would sit at the back bar and drink pitchers of beer and eat oysters by the dozen. . . and then critique the yachties as we watched them try to dock out of the window behind the bar. . . .Not sure that there was a titty bar too close by, but there were certainly some in the area. I remember a hole in the fence that was very close to the Pink Pussycat, saving the long walk around. Uh, again, or so I am told.


It was a hoot watching yachties trying to dock. I liked the food there.

Of course the more beer we consumed, the more critical we got. Great place. Back in the 80s, it largely functioned as the US Flag unofficial seaman’s club. That pay phone was used to call the office, loved ones, not so loved ones. . . . always busy.

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There was a pub in Auckland, New Zealand with a bar known as “ crankcase corner” where considerable quantities of beer of dubious quality were quaffed. Particularly on the day of a union meeting, a day that didn’t feature on the wife’s social calendar.
There was a blackboard on which shipping companies would post positions for urgently required junior mates and licensed engineers. The pub is no more and even the thought that personal could be hired from a pub would elect an explosion from HR.

Geez, Pink Pussycat? I had forgotten about that place. There were were some hard sailors, construction workers and women in there.
Wish I had known about the hole on the fence.
From 1985
Undercover police raided the Pink Pussycat lounge Thursday night, charging 13 exotic dancers with hustling drinks and soliciting prostitution.

The women were taken into custody and charged with several counts each of prostitution, violating state beverage laws, and battery on the arresting officers, said Metro-Dade Police Spokesman Joe Leon. Arrest warrants also were issued for 12 other women who work at the club, Leon said.

Police said the women encouraged male customers to buy expensive drinks, and solicited sexual acts.

The club’s owners also operate Pink Pussycat clubs in Miami and in Fort Lauderdale, Leon said. The Fort Lauderdale club is located on the Southeast 17th Street Causeway.

The owners were not arrested, but police said they expect to charge them later.

Officers from the state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco joined in the raid and notified the owners they intended to file administrative charges.

The club remained open, but police said it could be shut down or could lose its liquor license.

Police confirmed that several of the club’s employees were off-duty Hialeah police officers hired as security guards. :rofl:


Um. . . . I can neither confirm nor deny that any of the allegations are credible. . . . yeah, that’s right. . . .

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Stoneys in Tampa just outside the (now) gate?

I remember going there. It’s still open according to google.

a pity places like that can’t just be left alone. Off the beaten track, cater to a certain small segment of society by location and ‘looks’ …funny the part about off duty cops !


Taliban has nothing on US moralists.


Been there, done that.

not so…Freddys Anchor bar is across the street from a walgreens on the corner of andrews ave and SR 84 in lauderdale. i still have lunch in there pretty often, place makes me feel good about myself…

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Never ate at Freddys, just beer… The tickets for Pink Pussycat were good for a meal back then. Not great, but free. Rumor was 1 or 2 of the pilots were invested in it somehow. Granted, decades ago. There was a small diner not very far at all from the dock that had very good lunches that served the port guys quite well. It was close to the post office… Southport was the go to for great food if you had the time to get away.

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