Ft lauderdale recreation (those sailors, theyre in every port)

So… at the risk of exposing myself to incredible derision and general ridicule I thought id ask my fellow mariners on the off chance i might actually get some good advice…
Im at mpt doing the new requisite courses and am having trouble finding some nice dingey divey place that isnt occupied by fat rich land pricks or super tanned beauitiful people crewing super yachts in the evenings
Now its nice to hob nob and all, but on a caddyshack scale im not the double breasted jacket and white trousers wearing (several of whom im actually looking at right now) type…
Im more of a carl the groundskeeper type mariner who would like a rum or three preferably with a view and possibility of conversation with other likeminded and not incredibly weathy nautical types.
Thus i foolishly ask my fellow mariners perusing this fine forum composed of my brothers and fellows for any direction (?)

Any genuine suggestions of a nice spot to frequent or generally visit and not directions to the blue oyster or the nearest sheep farm would be appreciated

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Freddy’s Anchor Inn

Southport Raw Bar

At least .according to this thread

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The Quarterdeck. Cant go wrong.

If you are staying close to MPT then El Tamarindo if you like good Cuban food and drink , Lester’s Diner open 24 hrs , has decent breakfast .
Pollo Tropical has pretty good chicken bowl for a good price . All with in walking distance . Most of the bars and clubs down on the strip run a pretty high price with low return .
I think all the drug stores still sell beer and wine . Pick up one of those large plastic drink cups with a straw and lid , a twelve of beer, and take it back to the hotel fridge. Fill er up and head to the pool and watch the cruise ship people for entertainment .
One note : Last spring had an " acquaintance " picked up for solicitation over by the Hilton , expensive night . But it’s an expensive town .

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I haven’t lived in Lauderdale for some time. The Southport was always the “Go to” joint on the water and I know is still there. I used to be a regular there even before I moved. In the 80s, it was the unofficial Seaman’s Club, maybe even more so than Freddie’s, since the Southport serves some pretty good food. . . .spent many an afternoon eating a dozen oysters (or two) and several cool, refreshing beverages. The payphone near the heads was almost always in use by someone calling home, or hell, even the office.

The Elbo Room out on A1A and Las Olas was also one of my regular spots. . . used to have some interesting nights there. . .even met my first wife in there, too. . . .

For food, Cap’s Place on the north side is a glimpse at old Southern Florida. It is only accessible by boat, being on an island in the Intracoastal. . . . can be hard to fine, but Google is your friend. . . .

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Here’s some advice that works everywhere: Google Maps > Explore Nearby > Bars

Sometimes you need to type in Drinks.

Quarterdeck , Waxys, Southport raw bar. Elbo room out on the A1A

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If you have a day off, jump on the Water Taxi and do a pub crawl.
Elbo room is cash only, they have an ATM…

Bimini Bay Bar - total dive bar, sometimes with Porn on the TV!!

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Thank you brothers for the advice.
I tried every suggestion over the last couple of days and appreciated each one
Holy mary mother of god!!!
Bimini bay is sailors paradise!!!
Thanks for the recomendation mate!
I walked in to see a dingey divey dark windowless bar with quite literally debbie does dallas on all the screens playing behind the bar…
Whilst 2 very female bartenders were busy due to their rampant making out i received the attention of a rediculously gorgeous bartender who litterally climbed on the bar to say hello…
no shit i promptly asked her to marry me… (the bartenders are Very friendly!!!)
Small problem with the existing toothless clientelle who made it lnown they would probably knife me in the head if i kept flirting with “their” bartender but … bloody hell!! Thanks for the recommendation.
Thanks to all for recomendations, they are all good

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10 cent wing night at Bobby Rubino’s!

NOW WE’RE TALKING:: THIS SOUNDS LIKE THE VOICE OF EPERIENCE !! oops, I write in caps for my ‘blind’ uncle … I may just do it all the time?

HAHA! There was a bartender at Bimini Beach Bar that could open a bottle of beer with her breast implants… then for the encore opened another with her butt crack… Now THAT is talent!

The block behind the Elbo Room is Hunter’s Beach bar, owned by the man who stars in the “MILF hunter” series of videos, sometimes tended by some of the talent that co-stars in his videos…

I hope that is low-brow enough for ya!

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