Still no success

Hi guys,
i know i havent posted much in the last few weeks. i’ve been busy trying like heck to find something in the gulf (or anywhere).
Thus far, i’ve filled out applications for, sent resumes to,contacted, and followed up with 35+ companies. Ya’ll probably already know all my credentials( 100 masters, stcw, twic, and MROP). and still cant find even deck work.
Just wanted to drop a line, say hi, and ask for any encouraging words anyone may have.
one question though. if i could do somethin to better my credentials, what should i go for next?
Robert (MICrew843)

AB OSV requires 180 days on any waters, vessels over 15 tons.
4 day lifeboatman course, and 5 days BST.
It will help get you in the door.

yep i checked on that but the closest lifeboat coarse i can find is in LA…and i live in Myrtle Beach ,SC…but that coarse is all i need…

Mid Atlantic Maritime Academy in VaBeach is a bit closer, also, I think there’s still one down in Albemarle Sound, Oriental NC if I remember right!

yeah…you wouldnt have an idea of cost, would ya?..only people i’ve ever dealt with were seaschool…


Have you gone to the 35 companies, in person?..I’m planning on a trip down there in January…From what I have been able to gleam from some of the HR people that I have talked with, nothing much will happen between now and New Years…

yeah i hear the same…but no i havent gone down there yet. i wish i could…im just not finacialy capable of doing it…

MPT in Ft. Lauderdale has classes twice a month. 8 hour drive, $1000 for the course and you can stay at a crew house for 25 bucks a night. You may even get some day work if you poke your head around the yards and marinas.

MPT?..sry if im dumb…

Maritime Professional Training
Google “ft lauderdale crew house” for lots of cheap decent housing.

Shellback is right. You really need to show up in person with your bag packed. Especially this time of year. Someone is gonna jump ship just before the holidays!

MICrew 843,

At MAMA in Va Beach, BST, 5 days, $1000, next xlass scheduled for Feb 2nd PSC (Lifeboatman) 32 hour, $700, next class is Jan 5th
World Wide Marine Training in Oriental, NC, has BST for $799, next class is Feb 16, AB part “B”, is their name for PSC, $599 next class is Feb 5

wow thanx ill have to look into it…