OS/AB Offshore Tugboat JOB QUESTION

Hello all,

Is there any company’s that will fly me out to Tug in the South East US. I live in ND at the moment. If there are any company’s that you know of please let me know. I’m planning to get my TWIC CARD so i can get some sea time to become a AB and there forth. Any info thanks in advanced.

Most tug companies cover your travel. A few, you need to get yourself to your home port i.e. new york and if your boat isn’t there at crew change, they get you to the boat.

Most OSV companies do not cover travel, at all. Very few provide a travel stipend of some sort that may cover most of a roundtrip plane ticket.

The great lakes season may be winding down but since you live somewhat closer to that region than the east or west coast you should talk to andrie. There are some other companies on the great lakes too. Google tugboat companies and you’ll have many hits.

Since you don’t have an AB and/or the stcw bells and whistles yet you will be limited on who will hire you. Apply to any and all tug companies and see what they say regarding travel, if the interview process gets that far. Some companies have varying travel assistance depending on what splinter of the company you are working for. Centerline, Vane, Signet, Marquette, Kirby, Curtin, etc…google is your friend. There’s ads here often times on the gcaptain job page and on indeed.


Try Western Towboat in Seattle. It’s one of the best companies, except, I think, they are old fashioned about travel, you have to get yourself to Seattle for crew change.

Coastal Transportation is another good place to try.

Your best bet might be to drive to Seattle and go door to door to job hunt. Lodging has become expensive in Seattle, but there are some cheaper hostels.

The SE USA is one of the lowest paying areas. Louisiana pays more. NY pays best on the East Coast.

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Take with a grain of salt.

Consider everything present especially “google is your friend”.

Towing Industry:

The American Waterways Operators (AWO) members operate on the rivers, coasts, Great Lakes, and harbors of the United States. American Waterways Operators Member Directory maintains a list of Members and Affiliates in the Towing Industry.

An old list of towing companies can be found at Towmaster site.

Some Carrier and Affiliates Maintain their own company career hiring websites.

Additionally, some towing companies are non-union while others are union. So consider looking at the union websites. Example: Inland Boatman’s Union (IBU) Jobs The union will indicate registration requirements. Recommend submitting your application directly to the company prior to joining the union.

Also consider that some companies are based on local employees while others have remote positions (no travel provided) and others draw their employees from all across the nation (travel provided).

Also consider companies, e.g., Edison Chouest Jobs - OS Rigger, that have inhouse training programs, e.g., Chouest Training Center, or will the company pay or reimburse training expenses including flying, room and board.

Spend time on the job description which will outline any training that is required for employment. Entry level STCW endorsements Basic training (BT), and Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (VPDSD). Also consider follow on STCW endorsements for Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch (RFPNW6 mo.), Able Seafarer – Deck (AS-D540 days)

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