Os / ab jobs

Hi all, I would love to work on a supply boat / dive boat or standby vessel, but have no experience, everywhere i have tried haven’t been very forthcoming with information. I’m 23 and for the last 2 and a half years have been working as a hgv driver supplying the oil & gas industry and working quayside loading & discharging supply vessels. I have a crane ticket so would pick up the pedestal abd knuckle boom cranes easily and kniw how to secure cargo. I am happy to stay away for long periods and can put myself through boseit / mist courses etc prior to starting.
Really keen to get into this industry so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it

You can try give Chouest a call 985-601-4444 talk to Nicky Collins we have some vessels with crane’s on deck you could possibly get hire on for that and then work your way to other things

[B]I’m sorry Mr. One Post but you are a goddamned dumbshit for coming on here without first reading one effing thread namely just this onefrom this morning.[/B]

Also, understand when posting, location and citizenship would be helpful.

You say you are “working quayside loading & discharging supply vessels”, meaning you work elbow to ass in contact with mariners yet you have to come on-line to ask how to become one? Actually your question has been answered before you ever arrived here. Do a search and read some threads on the forum, you’ll find your answer.