Assistance required

Alright all,

Im new to these forums but have come insearch of assistance. Having worked as a Chief Marine Engineer in the RN for approx 11 years I am in need of a change of scenery and have become increasingly interested in the offshore and commericial maritime sector.

Aswell as holding many qualifications in Marine Engineering, Refrigeration and Air Con I also posses a good knowldge of ships protection and security on and offshore.

What im looking for is any advice on quals i may require to get in this sector and ways to get ‘a foot in the door’ so too speak.

If anyone out there has any suggestion of recruitment websites or courses and the all important average salary for position it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation

Tim (Everton1)

RN? So I’m assuming not US.

[QUOTE=“boatengineer;110844”]RN? So I’m assuming not US.[/QUOTE]

He sounds like a Brit.

Is there anyone on here that knows the British licensing system?

Crap, I don’t even understand the US licensing system!