Hello, just introducing myself to the forum

My name is Robby(30yrs old) and I am looking to start my career in marine engineering and have already been at sea for about 10yrs on cruise ships, but heres the catch…I was an entertainer, so no sea time. My dad is a retired diesel mechanic(built engines & raced Top Fuel dragsters in the 50-60’s) and we spent lots of time time working on cars and engines and such. So I have a pretty decent general knowledge of the workings of engines diesel & gas, internals, pumps, filters, etc. I have my TWIC, BST, and my MMD is “Waiting PQEB” since March 16th. I have a British Seamans Book, Bahamian one, and a Japanese one too. I also have my MCA AEC (Approved Engine Course), from earlier this year when I was trying to get a job on a yacht, but after looking I found out entry level jobs were scarce and the scheduling didn’t really please the fiance. roughly 11months on/3weeks off

I looked for wiper jobs at the beginning of the year but couldn’t find anything, so I contacted Kelly Sweeney and he had some stuff but it wasn’t for a while and I need to get some more money back in the bank. I will be going back on the MS Saga Rose till December and will be looking for work again after that. The Chief Engineer on the Rose is cool, so I might be able to snag some time in the engine room as i did before reading manuals and observing the control room operations. Hopefully, i might be able to actually observe repairs and maintenance procedures too.

I have my heart set on Engineering cause its what I like and have always been interested in, but what can you guys tell me about Dynamic Positioning Systems and such? Thanks, Robby


I’ll trade you jobs…

…you can be master of this old bucket I’m on if I can dance with scantily clad showgirls like on the Carnival commercial!

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Seriously, I can’t offer any specific advice except that if you are dedicated to the long road ahead, go to a school to get more than an MCA certificate if you want to work on commercial ships. There are several schools in the US but you will need to make a multiyear committment to one and then plan a long climb once you graduate. Remember on the cruiseships how many unlicensed engineers there are for each licensed one. If you want info on schools there are plenty of people here who will be more than glad to help you out.

Very best of luck to you and say hey to the girls for me :wink:

ps…great machinery pics on flikr!

One thing to consider is working as a “motorman” on a drilling rig. Having an MMD is a plus for this position but not a requirement. They pretty much work in the engine room and do rounds taking readings and looking for leaks, etc. The pay starts around 60K working half the year. This is considered an entry level position for the engine room on drilling rigs. Try Transocean, Noble, Seadrill, Ensco, Diamond, Pride, just to name a few. The pay and schedule will be better than boat companies and most offer either full travel or an allowance. There is an entire career ladder that takes a person from Motorman to Chief Engineer MODU, just so you know there is advancement from this position.

C Captain wrote:
I’ll trade you jobs…

…you can be master of this old bucket I’m on if I can dance with scantily clad showgirls like on the Carnival commercial!

C-Captain, you are a dirty dog and I support you in your career agenda, count me in!!!

Ya know, the girls are pretty nice. That’s where I found my fiance after all. Eye candy is nice too, and I have never complained about a quick change with the girls! lol I never thought I would have kept doing it this long, but the travel has been amazing(going to Svalbard for the 4th time in 2 weeks) and as an entertainer I get WAY more time off to explore than the engineers, but know it is time to grow up and change my career to something with a better outlook that can support my new family.

I have looked at a few of the colleges and think they are great, but I need to work and keep the money coming in even if it is the harder option, not sure if I can do 2-4yrs of not earning a steady income. I will look into the motorman thing on the drill rigs, thanks for the advice. I actually called a few of them for wiper or deckhand positions on their workboats, but they weren’t hiring. I’m not afraid of hard work, getting dirty, or doing jobs others would consider below them so I think if I can get hired, I can pull my own. Thanks


C-Captain, you are a dirty dog and I support you in your career agenda, count me in!!![/quote]

I always dreamed that someday I’d get to be a cruiseship master but once I found out that you can’t have a drink or fraternize with the female passengers I said…F THAT! Why would anyone want the job if there were no perks to counter all the BS that it entails? I’ll run an old bucket anyday provided the pay is good and the BS factor is low. Sadly, pax ships are usually just the opposite…

major bummer

I can verify that cruise ships have there own “special” cargo, and have to be treated a certain way. I think the engineering on the cruise ships is quite exciting with the engine layouts and the azipods. But, I like ships in general and don’t have a preference where I work, yet. :slight_smile:

My MMD card has finally been issued!!! Well, after 3 months of waiting my MMD card has been issued. Now, I just have to go finish this last contract and start looking for a job in December. :slight_smile:

Congrats Kingrobby! Now go forth and do something nautical!

Thanks, will do so asap, after my contract.