Original MMC Oath

17 almost 18 in 2 months passed the course for AB special, lifeboatman, Stcw basic. Got twic physical drug tests done. Now need the oath. Where can I go on the west coast to take an oath?

There are REC centers in long beach CA, Oakland CA, Portland OR and Seattle WA. If you haven’t filIed out your application and paid your fees, you will need to do that anyway at or via a REC. I would contact the NMC to see if you can walk in to whichever one you choose or if an appointment is required.

Ok thanks for the info ill head up soon.

You don’t need to actually go to the REC for much anymore. You can take your oath in front of any notary (at a bank, for example).

All the rest (applications, fees, etc.) can be done online.


I tried to do it at Navy Fed, but was told they could not do it. I went to the local library near my courthouse and had some notary there do it for me.

I just turned in my application for newbie OS. They had me download the Oath template (National Maritime Center website,) take it and get it noterized. I went down to the UPS store got it notorized and emailed it back to my nearest REC which is Oakland. It seemed to work since my Application is in the last stage waiting to be evaluated PQEB