Mariners credential outside the country

I’m a U.S. citizen working abroad… I have a current Twic… Is it possible to get a mariners credential aka a MMC outside the country. Does Anyone know a company that handles this kind of stuff?

Hi @Jdewalt88

Welcome - Thanks for joining the forum. Have you contacted a REC? The below link is an interactive map click on the appropriate center and it will provide you with a toll-free # and email address. You also need to ask them about taking Oath.

Please keep us posted in the future with your progress. Good Luck.

I’m abroad can I go to Guam and do it there?

Yes, but as Deep Sea Diver said, you’ll need to contact a REC 1st, submit the application, get at approved by the NMC. THEN any oath and testing can be arranged in Guam. Go to the above mentioned web site for all your answers.

So hawaii is the closet to Asia where I am. So just call or reach out to
them to see where I can get a DOT PHYSICAL and drug test?

You might want to check with Hawaii REC. they have in the past set up temp office in Guam for testing, app review and acceptance. Don’t know if it is on an annual basis or what.

Thanks a lot I really appreciate the advice.

Yes call the 1-888-427-5662 <+18884275662> number listed. You’ll get the
National Maritime Center call center. They and the web site will have all the CORRECT answers for
YOU and your situation. The web site has all the correct information AND forms needed.

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That is pretty cheerfully optimistic. I find that NMC’s initial answers are about 50 percent correct, or correct about 50 percent of the time. :wink: