Merchant mariner oath

Do i have to include the example form with this or do i just recite it in front of the notary and sign the CG719B?

What is the “example form” ?

Did you actually read the instructions on the CG719B (hint: its pages 1 and 2)? Here is the applicable part:

IV.4 Certification: Applicant certifies that the information provided is true and correct. Every person who applies for an original MMC must first take an oath. The applicant must sign and date the application stating they have taken the oath. Failure to sign will result in the application being returned. Per 46 CFR 10.225©, an oath may by administered by any Coast Guard designated individual or any person legally permitted to administer oaths in the jurisdiction where the person taking the oath resides.

So if this is your first (original) MMC, your recite the Oath (Section 4 on the CG719B) in front of the person legally permitted to administer the oath (this may be a Notary in your state, it may not). Then you and the person sign in the appropriate places in Section 5 of the CG719B.

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Merchant Navy oath?
I have uttered a lot of oaths at sea but never heard of that one.

Merchant Mariner oath. The U.S. does not use that strange dialect they seem to have acquired in the U.K. 46 CFR 10.225( c):
(c ) Oath. Every person who receives an original MMC must first take an oath, before an official authorized to give such an oath, that he or she will faithfully and honestly, according to his or her best skill and judgment, without concealment or reservation, perform all the duties required by law and obey all lawful orders of superior officers. An oath may be administered by any Coast Guard-designated individual or any person legally permitted to administer oaths in the jurisdiction where the person taking the oath resides. An oath administered at a location other than the Coast Guard must be verified in writing by the administering official and submitted to the same Regional Examination Center (REC) where the applicant applied for his or her MMC. This oath remains binding for any subsequently issued MMC and endorsements added to the MMC, unless specifically renounced in writing.

The text of the oath is here.


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Does any other country (than the US) have an oath for merchant mariners??
I have never heard of (or knew about) any such thing anywhere, but that doesn’t mean it cannot exist.

Done here

ok i didn’t have to have an authorized person witness it, but i did have to have the oath form from the NMC website filled out and notarized

Maybe the Coast Guard can put a pdf on the website that doesn’t have a “sample” watermark on it?

Outside the US we would all have to do a Panama oath, Liberia oath, Singapore oath, Cayman Islands oath, Marshall Islands oath…

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The notary would not sign my CG719B because she wasn’t "authorized " to administer the oath. However i had the oath sample form signed and notarized/stamped. Figured i still needed a signature on the CG719B but i called the NMC and they said as long as the form is attached it is fine. Whew!