Online License Prep Courses and Online Radar Observer

Hello all, I just wanted to respectfully offer that my little project has some new courses available in case that is of interest.

First is a newly CG approved Radar Observer Online, which uses a Wartsila cloud-based simulator so you can do the assessments in your pajamas from home and we do the test over Zoom. It is pretty fun to play around in the simulator, not gonna lie.

Also I have some self-paced license prep courses (Rules of the Road, Chart Plot, Oceans/Celestial, Stability, Deck Gen Math, etc.) in case you are studying for your upgrade, they are good for all license levels and that way you can enroll in only the ones you need help with.

This is a passion project so the courses are heavily discounted mostly to help my Tall Ship friends but I’m happy to help anyone needing them to the extent I can! If the tuition doesn’t work for your budget just contact me at

The license prep stuff is at: Coast Guard License Preparation - THE PRACTICAL NAVIGATOR

The Radar course is available at: Radar Observer Unlimited (USCG approved) | Practical Navigator

Thanks for reading and happy studying!