Discount online license prep project

Hi, I’ve started to put together some modules of license prep at discount prices online. Chart Plotting (any license level) and Rules of the Road are up and running. Cnav is next on the list.

Click here to check it out.

Each is discount priced at $125 and if you use the discount code GCAPTAIN you can take another 25% off. The Chart plotting course is over 10 hours of training including 100 chart problems solved on video from unlimited to OUPV and lessons about each topic. The ROTR course discusses every rule and solves over 300 problems on video. And you can keep the course access forever, so when you go to upgrade its in your back pocket. Everyone learns differently and I believe these courses can serve as a good alternative to pricey license prep courses. If you’ve seen me on YouTube (NavigationTraining) you know its more about the solution than the money for me; usually I teach tall ship kids and Coasties as part of my ongoing training project. Theres also a few free courses on there such as celestial navigation and maneuvering boards or 200 ton oceans problems.

Anyways I just waned to throw it out there for anyone studying for their license to consider as a resource. Thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions I’m happy to chat! Respectfully, Chris