Looking to hire a tutor to assist me in preparing for the 3rd Mate license exam

Hello all!

I’m preparing to take my Third Mate license exam (unlimited) at the end of August. Preparing for/taking this exam has stumped once me already and I need to pass it this time. Looking for anyone willing to offer assistance so that I can properly prepare myself for the next round.

I’ll provide more info and details when I receive responses. Tutoring over Zoom/Skype is likely the easiest, but if by chance we’re not far apart then in-person tutoring certainly works too.

I’d love to do something like this, but simply don’t have the time. The prep course at MPT (my preference) would be money well spent, as would Lapware. The question bank modules are mind numbing, but it’s all memorization… one way or another though you have to know how to plot a chart, know how to do all the Terrestrial (or Celestial) nav problems depending on NC or OC…and that’s only going to happen with lots of practice.
Lapware gives you all the breakdown of the T-nav questions and how to find your answers) keep at it every day for a few hours and you’ll be prepared in no time.
It took me a solid 9-10 months start to finish before I felt I was ready…in hind-site wish I’d have just taken the class instead of self study.
Good luck.

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There’s a guy that posts on here @USCGCutterman I think that has excellent material and also offers courses.

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I was just going to post that… guy has great videos I bought all of them. He is the bomb

Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out, looks very helpful.

Check out Seatrials, for $12 you can get a three month subscription. You can find it in your app store. Highly recommend it!