Looking for someone willing to teach/tutor advanced stability and T-Nav. Not trying to just memorize answers but genuinely learn.

Date would have to be last two weeks of November. Pm with area and rates. Thanks.

What help do you need in T-Nav?

What license are you testing for?

All parts actually. Upgrading from 2nd to Chief Mate. Been a while since I hawspiped to 3rd.

What part of the country? I know a guy in Mandeville, La that was doing tutoring for license. Not sure if he still is though since he shipped with Crowley.

Is his initials BV? If so I already spoke to him and he does not have the time. If this is not him please let me know. I’m about two and a half hours from Mandeville.

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Yup. That’s him. Nevermind then. :confused:

Interested in getting tutoring help from this person as well. Can you send me his contact info?

It was the same guy @NauticalWheeler was talking about that doesn’t have time to do it now. :confused:

Good Morning,

This is your SLCC administrator.

I have a question for you in regards to T-Nav. Are you referring to Terrestrial Navigation? If you are, you are in luck!!

I’ve got the person for you! He is our Marine Coordinator, Mr. Carlos Nosworthy. His office number is (985)448-5951, or you can send him an email at carlos.nosworthy@solacc.edu .

In regards to advanced stability, I’m sorry we do not have materials for that.

SLCC’s Marine & Petroleum Safety Training Center is located at 331 Dickson Rd. Houma, LA 70363.