New instructor at fletcher

Has anybody heard anything good or bad about the new instructor at Fletcher?

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Iā€™m enrolled now w Capt Jack Porshe. Doling out the same material Capt Bruce taught apparently. Am testing for 3/M in a month or two. Using Fletchers mainly for T Nav Celestial and Tide Current Calculations. Will follow up on this thread. So far nothing mind blowing just about what you would expect, self study snd help and reference materials when you need it.

The prep course now is at a halt. There has been a lot of changes to the Marine Department. We are no longer Fletcher, and is now South Louisiana Community College. We do have a new marine coordinator here that is a retired veteran. He wrote courses as well as taught for the U.S. Army. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Carlos Nosworthy @ 985-448-5951 or send him an email at