L.E. Fletcher L.A.M.P.I. 3rd mate AGT exam prep

Does anyone know who they got to replace Capt. Bruce after he retired? Are they a good instructor, and are they accepting students? Thanks in advance.

No one as far as I’ve been told. I was signed up for the 500 ton master upgrade class but only got to spend a few days in class. Since they had not found an instructor to continue the class, he helped me to get paperwork requesting a refund for tuition. This was as of a few weeks ago though.

A friend was taking classes at Young Memorial last summer, and commented that he had heard that Young Memorial was going to start managing L E Fletcher LAMPI. I am surprised that there has been no chatter about this on gCaptain.

Captain Carl Moore is listed as the Marine Coordinator at YM on the YM web site,


Carl Moore is listed as Dean of LaMPI on the LaMPI web site.

Gayle Williamson was high up in the admin of LAMPI, as well as teaching celestial, in the fall of '12, but was talking about his retirement then, and has apparently followed through on it.

Gayle was my instructor for celestial there about 5 years ago.

Update: I just got off the phone with Fletcher & the lady said they just now hired someone to replace Capt. Bruce but he hasn’t started yet. She said to check back in a couple of weeks. Who knows how good of an instructor he’ll be. Time will tell I guess. He’s got some pretty big shoes to fill.

LaMPI has been through a lot in the last few years. Now it is South Louisiana Community College. The prep course is at a halt right now. Since we are a part of a new school, I will definitely present the idea of have the prep course again. We do have a new marine coordinator who I feel can help put the course back together. But if you guys have any questions you are welcome to call him or send him an email. Mr. Carlos Nosworthy office number is 985-448-5951, email carlos.nosworthy@solacc.edu.