RFPNW now at L E Fletcher

If anyone is looking for RFPNW, L E Fletcher (LAMPI) is currently offering it. The next class starts next Monday, and it sounds like they have an instructor who will be frequently (weekly) offering in the near term.

It is not on their web site.

They do have some grant monies available, even for out of state.

Give them a call: 985-857-3658.

Lookout duties only, or the full meal deal?

That is a great question, the NMC course approval section says it is a course which would lead one to believe that it is Lookout Only, however the text of the approval section states that only 60 days of service is required, which should lead one to believe it is the full meal deal. Mr. Cavo, we need you! :slight_smile:

I talked to the instructor last week, and they offer both “Rating for Lookout Only” as well as the class for the companies that offer the 60 day program.

I’ll looking to get what ever will let me sit for my 500 T license.

I’ve stopped by the campus several times to visit with one of their instructors who works with people upgrading from 100 T to 500 T or 1600 T, and he has been most helpful, and most importantly, knowledgeable. Haven’t taken any classes at Fletcher yet, but will have a better idea after next week.

And I’ll be home for Thanksgiving :slight_smile:

I have been working on my upgrade to 1600 ton master at Fletcher since August. Capt. Bruce is a wealth of knowledge. He keeps up to date (daily) with the test at the REC. He has any one call him after the test if there was something that he did not cover and he looks it up and updates his question bank. He also is up to date on the requirements for upgrades. The class is great and he teaches you how to do the problems with out having to learn the math theory. If there is a trick to it I think he knows it.:slight_smile:

Turns out L E Fletcher is presently offering a class for those needing a class for the 180 day straight time for the evaluations, and a second class for those who have access to the 60 day program.

They are presently waiting approval for a third class that would be beneficial to mariners holding a 100 T license. Haven’t seen the exact wording on the class description, so I’m reluctant to post anything more than that.

Skipjackmac is right on the mark about Capt. Bruce.

LE Fletcher does offer 2 rating courses at this time, 1 is “Lookout” , the other is 13 hour class , that offers all of the steering assessments on their shipboard simulator. There is a requirement of 60 days seatime to make the certitifcate valid. They are also seeking approval ( as mentioned above) for an assessment only course that would benefit the mariner seeking an upgrade. The proposal has been presented to the NMC

I believe that the 13 hour course is offered twice weekly

I must agree will all;
Captain Bruce is a great instructor who cares about the mariner and the industry. Captain Gale, Tim and Adam also do a great job

LE Fletcher now offers Assessments only as well the 2 RFPNW courses

I took the course at fletcher for RFPNW and your right about the 60 days but they have to be doing the job and be signed off by approved personnel. So I am back to square one because companies want the rating before they hire you and you need the sea time before the coast guard will give you the license even if you have completted the course. So i am back trying to find a course that I can take and move on. Does anybody know of a school it would be appreciated. Also the instructors at fletcher are very knowgeable any info would be very helpful.