Looking for someone to test our Radar Observer training simulator

Rapid Radar Plotting Training Simulator

The USCG requires that a licensed mariner’s Radar Observer certification be renewed every five years. Since the advent of ARPA (Automated Radar Plotting Aid), which is required on many ships anyways, it’s not unusual that the last time most of us have done a plot was for our last certification. The purpose of this trainer is to provide an an easy to learn, low cost tool to help you “brush up” and improve your proficiency at Rapid Radar Plotting.

I need a beta tester or two who will run the simulator through its paces and let me know what issues they may run into. You’ll need to know how to do a manual plot, have the proper tools to do a plot, as well as a PC or Mac computer connected to the internet. In exchange you’ll get free access to the simulator for a month.

If you’re interested, drop me a private message and I’ll respond with instructions on how to get started.


Looks like we’ve got enough beta testers for now. I’ll post back to this thread if we need anyone else.

Thanks very much!

After the beta is over will this be made available to mariners? I would be interested in an online simulator to hone my skills on. What would the subscription fee be?

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Yes, that’s the plan. Not sure what the cost will be, but I hope to make it affordable for everyone.